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February 27th 2013

Well, I’ve officially launched the second half of my journey in Toronto to master the art of cake art and design.

I do admit having mixed emotions about already being half-way through my program at Bonnie Gordon College. In a nutshell…

I’m grateful for this incredible opportunity to hone my skills and blessed to have so many friends and family members supporting me along the way. What’s more…

I’m excited for all that‘s to come. I will be learning so much more during this second half of my journey and I can’t help but smile just thinking about it! Yet, despite my excitement…

I’m nervous. Before heading to Toronto, I kept getting asked what I planned to do after my course. I’d simply reply, while also trying to convince myself, that I’d figure it all out once I had more knowledge and experience, once I knew more about the industry. I kept thinking everything would simply fall into place, like so many other things have in the past. So far, half-way through, the definitive answers are still elusive, so…

I’m wondering. I can see different paths right in front of me. I can picture different lives, different futures. Though I’ve always thought “everything happens for a reason” and tried to let things simply be, I know I’m coming to a point where I have to take control. No one can decide for me. I have to get behind the wheel and decide which road is the best…But in the grand scheme of things…

I’m confident this is what I’m supposed to do, because my cake-decorating skills are still improving and so many of my questions have been answered. I’m not only on my way, but I’m on the right way. Five years from now, I’ll look back at today and send my today-self a message saying “See, it all worked out.”

Side-note: Once again, I thank each and every one of you for being key ingredients in my recipe for success. You make me rise to every challenge. Your love and your encouragement are by no means…half-baked. 



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